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Find your inner Strength and Balance -Delight in organic food, permaculture gardens, holistic teachings, workshops and serene accommodations on our sustainable travel packages. Our focus is on the human and his well being.

Peter King

“This is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Packed with good food and surrounded by beautiful nature, you won't regret it!”

Peter King

Ecolutionary Life

Enjoy eco-friendly accommodations

Eco friendly tourism for the whole family, our Eco Houses blend comfort and sustainability, offering a tranquil refuge to relax in a fabulous nature surrounding where you can easily recharge yourself.

“Amazing design and beautiful atmosphere, it's a place where you feel like coming home.”

Feature Review

David Fisher

<span><span style="color:#57000e">Enjoy eco-friendly accommodations</span></span>

Indulge in fresh organic food

Our properties are located near our own permaculture farm that produces fresh, organic food. This ensures that our residents can have easy access to healthy and nutritious food options, contributing to their overall well-being, ensuring that every meal is as healthy as it is delicious.

“Mhhh yummy, i collected the fruits for my Muesli myself on the farm, that's what i call fresh.”

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Julia Robbins

<span><span style="color:#006e00">Indulge in fresh organic food</span></span>

Benefit the planet

Our retreat is committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable tourism practices. All profits are directed towards expanding the retreat and its permaculture gardens. Our upcoming workshops focus on ecological building combined with recycle, upcycle and innovative new ideas.

We seek cooperation with other companies and potential participants inside and outside India. The offers of the developing network create a regional work culture that is based on sustainability and joy.

Bringing together regional supply and demand creates products and services that are tailored to the needs of the participant. This should result in stimulating long term innovations and impacts.

“Seems like they are building an eco friendly company that wants to make a difference.”

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Emma Summers

<span><span style="color:#5e0000">Benefit the planet</span></span>


Is called - God's own country - you will find a high standard of diversity in food, nature, people and spirituality.

<span><span style="color:#005700">Kerala</span></span>

Lovely fieldtrips

From beach, seafood & backwaters to hilltop, spices & hiking, from nationalpark, teaplantation & elephants to temples, ashrams, meditation & Yoga- Kerala has everything.

<span><span style="color:#540e0e">Lovely fieldtrips</span></span>

Participation - reconnecting with yourself

<span><span style="color:#6200a3">Participation - reconnecting with yourself</span></span>

Upcoming seminars, coaching and trainings of all kinds that benefits the community and the environment, from physicaly to spiritually, such as:

permaculture garden workshops and concept developement,

alternative treatments, workshops, seminars and coaching ( frequency healing, gemhealing, spiritual coaching, Massage...)

ecological building workshops, off grid and selfsustainable combined with scientific research

waste reduction Workshops, with schools to set consciousness for wastemanagement with the zero waste goal (recycle, upcycle, cradle to cradle and repair cafe)

Handycraft workshops - build your own djembe

Children workshops - outdoor

Sportevents and workshops to provide mental and physical health

Art and creativity workshops, national and international Artists workshops

Musical Events, concerts, vernissages, panel discussions, readings, etc.

Man & Woman - King & Queen Coaching


Ecological retirement residence

Our private retirement residence in Kerala will provide you with hassle-free renting options. We understand the complexity of renting out a property, which is why we will manage the property for you. This means that we will search for tenants, collect rent, and conduct any necessary maintenance.

Moreover, real estate prices in Kerala have been on the rise in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. This means that investing in private retirement residence is not only a smart financial move in the short term but also an excellent long-term investment that is likely to deliver significant returns.

By investing in private retirement residence, you are not just buying into a property, but also into a lifestyle. Our homes are built using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, surrounded by natural beauty and preserved cultural heritage sites, and offering access to organic food options. All of these elements work together to create a harmonious and fulfilling living experience that you can enjoy for years to come.

<span><span style="color:rgb(0, 94, 0)">Ecological retirement residence</span></span>

How it all began - Why Kerala, why Varkala

India captivated me for the first time in 2005 and I traveled the country for 9 months. I liked it best in Kerala – God's own country, as they so beautifully call it. Especially Varkala.

Kerala felt special to me because, on the one hand, it has a high level of diversity, rural, cultural and religious. Kerala is the most educated state with the highest number of university graduates in India, and also the wealthiest state due to the coconut stocks it has always had. I got to know Varkala as a cosmopolitan place that is strongly linked to holistic medicine. I had wonderful experiences, met interesting people and got to know a whole new way of living my life.

During my first stay I met Rafi, he was my taxi driver in the first year, we got along excellently and learned to appreciate each other. Over the next 14 years I would go to India three more times, during which our friendship deepened further. In 2019 it was very difficult to make money in India during the pandemic and so my brother Raphael and I decided to buy land in India to support our Indian friend Rafi. We bought 3000 square meters of farmland on which he could build a small house for himself and his family and survived the pandemic well with his wife and 3 girls.

At that time we had a beautiful farm in southern Burgenland (Austria) with 3500 square meters, a 170 square meter house and around 300 square meters of outbuildings. Within a year we converted an empty meadow into a paradise with a children's play structure, polytunnel, hill beds, fire pit, sauna, etc.

Unfortunately, our landlord didn't have handshake quality and so we dismantled everything the following year and decided to buy more land in India and move to India.

At the end of 2022 we went to India together for the first 6 months, during which time we acquired 2000 sqm more farm, bought 2 building plots of 360 and 400 sqm and started having a house built by one of the most renowned eco-architects in Kerala.

For the time being, we would like to continually expand the farm and create more living space and infrastructure. Living space will initially be used for rental to finance the project, with the focus of all investments not on maximum profite but on maximum reinvestment. The aim is to let the farm and our offerings grow as quickly as possible and to gradually create living and working space. Our focus is permaculture, ecological building and living, holistic retreats from coaching to alternative medical treatments to Ayurveda cures. Individual sustainable travel packages. For us, the focus is on humans and their well-being.

All love

The ecolutionary life team

<span><span style="color:#6b0000">How it all began - Why Kerala, why Varkala</span></span>

"The spiritual retreat package was life-changing! Different kinds of trainings, teachings and workshop, from body to soul. I feel renewed and at peace. Highly recommend."

Raul Santiago
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